Permanent Interactive Exhibition All the UNESCO monuments in a single place – the Dacicky House

The Dacicky House, situated in the historic centre of Kutna Hora, is a unique exhibit itself. You can see the House completely, starting from the cellars up to the attic. The interior represents an interactive exhibition, first of its kind in the Czech Republic, which presents the UNESCO, the monuments of our country on inscribed on the UNESCO list, but, above all, you will learn why Kutna Hora is a member of the family of the most significant world monuments.

What is in fact the Dacicky House?

This centre for providing modern cultural and educational services to the professionals as well as laypersons came into being by reconstruction of the House of Mikulas Dacicky, which was conformed to the principles of monuments preservation care. The Dacicky House presents UNESCO cultural heritage and preserves significant cultural elements related to the history of the Kutna Hora town and its region.

The activities taking place in the House throughout the year can be divided into four fields:

  • exhibitions
    permanent exhibition and two types of seasonal exhibitions
  • education activities for broad public
    educational programmes, lecturing, commented tours
  • professional activities
    conferences, workshops, sessions of doctoral programmes students, documenting and digitalization of historic materials
  • cultural events
    concerts, combined programmes etc.

All these activities are related to the thematic specialization of the House and contribute to completing its mission.

Ground floor

In the Visitors´ Centre 1.1 you can learn the UNESCO and the world context of the exhibition. The tour continues in the Portals´ Hall 1.2, which is named after a collection of Gothic portals, through one of which you will enter the Bishop´s Chapel 1.3, formerly the most significant space of the House. Here you will see an exhibition on the inhabitants of the House, but above all you will learn the story of a unique Gothic tile discovered in this space. The tour of the ground-floor then continues in the passage with a photographic reportage dedicated to the Dacicky House and its renovation 1.4.


The Dacicky House, ground-plot

Here are some photos for you to see the space of the ground-floor...


Perhaps the most popular floor of the Dacicky House. In the IQ Park 0.1, you can see and use a touch table, animated cartoon or video-mapping projection on a model of St. Barbara Cathedral, cubes and other games for your children. Then you can continue into the cellars. In the Hall 0.3 you can see a most popular interactive floor projection, across which you will pass over to the second floor of the cellars, where you can see the 3D projection 0.2 devoted to the UNESCO monuments of the Czech Republic. In the most obscure part of the House, there is a surprise for the children: a speaking mining sprite...

Dacicky House, basement

In this part of the House, you have an opportunity to experience some action, which is enjoyed especially by the children. But even adults will like it.

First floor

The first floor is dedicated to seasonal exhibitions and cultural and educational activities. The Conference Hall 2.1 offers the most advanced audio-visual equipment for seminars, conferences and concerts, seating up to 55 people. The other spaces of the floor serve for yearly Seasonal Exhibitions 2.2 on various subjects concerning UNESCO monuments and anniversaries of the Kutna Hora architecture.

Dacicky House, first floor

You can reach this floor by means of two staircases or you can use a comfortable personal elevator.

Second floor

The attic represents quite a modern space for educational activities. The Lecture Hall 3.1 seats 25 people and offers all audio-visual equipment. In the hall with the elevator there is a Presentation Space 3.2 of the Project Partners, which are “Foundation Kutna Hora – UNESCO Monument” (exhibition guarantor and the centre manager) and the University of Pardubice. The Children´s Studio 3.3. is where lecturing programmes for children take place.

Dacicky House, second floor

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