The “Foundation Kutna Hora – UNESCO Monument” as manager of the Dacicky House closely co-operates with two partners above all: firstly the Town of Kutna Hora, the Foundation establisher and  beneficiary of the grant on restoration and furnishing the Dacicky House centre;  secondly the University of Pardubice, which organizes a great number of specialist educational activities in the House every year.

Town of Kutna Hora

What will cross you mind when you hear the words “Kutna Hora”?

  • formerly the second most significant town of the Czech Kingdom, the “source of silver Prague Groschens”?

  • town inscribed on the list of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage since 1995?

  • town with two cathedrals and a unique well-preserved historic core?

  • town which will let you see the Middle Ages?

Yes, this all is Kutna Hora – its historic core is an architectural gem of European importance. In December 1995 the town, its St. Barbara Cathedral and the Church of Assumption of Our Lady in Sedlec were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The time when Kutna Hora hosted Czech kings are gone, the fame of Kutna Hora silver mines is over and the silver Groschens are no longer minted in the Italian Court. But the history remains and you can see it all around, looking at the houses, churches and wandering in the narrows streets...

Besides monuments, museums and galleries, Kutna Hora offers cosy restaurants with excellent kitchen, ACCOMMODATION in cosy boarding-houses and stylish hotels situated in the historic part of the town.

We invite you to visit our town, formerly called a “treasury” and “gem” of the country. Come and see the unique town of Kutna Hora!

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University of Pardubice

Jediná vysokoškolská instituce univerzitního typu v Pardubickém kraji. Je jednou z 26 veřejných vysokých škol ČR založených ze zákona. S téměř 10 tisíci studenty patří do skupiny středně velkých veřejných vysokých škol.

Wisdom is more valuable than all the treasures of the world.”

The history of university education in Pardubice started shortly after the end of World War II, being closely related to the development of transport infrastructure, food, machinery and chemical industries of the Pardubice town and its region. During more than sixty years of its existence the university, with originally only one study programme, has evolved into a modern educational university institute providing high quality education comparable with foreign educational institutions.

Mission of the University

The University of Pardubice is a top centre of education, independent learning and creative activities. The University plays an important role in scientific, cultural, social and economic development of the society by:

  • preserving and extending knowledge, pursuing scientific, research, development, innovation, artistic and other creative activities,

  • providing access to university education on democratic principles, enabling the open public to acquire professional qualifications and get qualified for research work and other demanding specialist activities,

  • providing other forms of education enabling to acquire, extend and renew knowledge in various sciences and culture, thereby forming a part of life-long education,

  • playing an active role in public discussions on social and ethical issues, supporting cultural diversity and mutual understanding, forming civic society and preparing young people for life,

  • promoting development of the nation and region, co-operating with all levels of the state administration and the self-government, with commercial and cultural sectors,

  • promoting international, and especially European, co-operation as an important part of its mission, supporting joint projects with similar foreign institutions, such as mutual recognition of studies and diplomas, exchange of academic employees and students.

The seven faculties of the University provides education in natural, technical, social, economic, medical and artistic fields.

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