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Just like most websites, also this one uses cookies for its operation. Cookies are very small files containing information, which is saved to the hard disk of the website visitor. Cookies make it possible for our website to remember important information on our visitors, thereby making their repeated visits to our website easier.

For example, our cookies help us, based on anonymous data objects, to monitor number of our visitors, pages visited, visitors´ behaviour etc. We use codes provided by the Google company. Temporarily (e.g. at the time of running campaigns) our website may contain also codes of other measuring instruments.

If our visitor will not use Cookies or if he wishes the web browser to give him a warning about the cookies, he must adjust settings of the web browser. If the visitor blocks all cookies, he will not be able to use some functions of the website.

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The administrator of this website declares that his aim is to reach the maximum accessibility of all website content and functionalities for all Internet users without discrimination.

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