The House is managed by the “Foundation Kutna Hora – UNESCO Monument”, which was established with the aim to present the historic core of Kutna Hora, support its preservation and fulfilment of the obligations ensuing from the fact that the town was declared a monument inscribed on the list of the UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage.

Foundation Kutna Hora – UNESCO Monument

The Foundation was established in autumn of 1997. At that time one of its main missions was providing support to private owners of monuments in the form of technical consultations and financial support.

In the first decade of the Foundation existence there were announced several grant programmes, e.g. for restoration of log structures, wooden beam and barrel ceilings, stone portals and coating, entrance doors, gates and historic windows or works-of-art placed on facades.

In the recent years the activities of the Foundation have been focused on documenting, presenting and popularizing the monuments. The Foundation carries on or takes part in projects supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic within the programme “Support for UNESCO Monuments”. The Foundation holds lectures and seminars focused on specific topics of monument care and also organizes exhibitions.

The Foundation members are historic preservation specialists, builders, architects, restorers and prominent representatives of the town administration.

The main activities of the Foundation include:

  • Presenting Kutna Hora as a UNESCO World Heritage member, supporting preservation of cultural heritage and “genii loci“ of the historic town of Kutna Hora.

  • Documenting architectural evolution of historic buildings and the town as a whole.

  • Promoting contacts between the public and historic preservation experts, state and local administration.

  • Co-operation with Czech and world towns, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Operation of the Dacicky House in Kutna Hora - educational and presention centre of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage

From more significant events and projects of the recent years realized by the Foundation are to be mentioned the following: project realized in 2011: Half a Century of the Kutna Hora Town Monument Reserve (1961 – 2011); in 2012 the Foundation organized a conference on restoration of the outer coating of the St. Barbara´s Cathedral; in 2013 the Foundation completed and opened an exhibition on the development of the Sedlec Monastery in the convent premises of the company “Philip Morris CR a.s.” named “CXCI – Evolution of the Sedlec Monastery”.

In 2015 the Foundation took an active part in preparing the celebrations “Kutna Hora – 20 years in UNESCO” and started its own publishing activities issuing the book “Sedlec – Story of a Wonderful Place in Kutna Hora” by Ales Pospisil. In 2014–2015 the Foundation worked out an application for a grant, and afterwards the Foundation carried out the project “Dacicky House in Kutna Hora – Educational and Presentation Centre of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage”. Since 2016 the Foundation has been managing the Centre.


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