The Dacicky House is run by a small but efficient team of experienced experts and specialists on monument care. Our aim is to secure a smooth operation of the House to the full satisfaction of our visitors.

People running the Dacicky House

We are presenting our main team, which runs the Dacicky House and cares for our visitors. If you have any question or if you are not satisfied, contact us!


Mgr. Ing. Pavel Bezouška 

Centre Managing Director
e-mail: info@nadaceunescokh.cz


Eva Novotná, DiS

Operation Manager
tel: 605 900 486
email: eva.novotna@dacickehodum.cz


Bc. Jitka Vlastníková

Reception Manager
tel: 722 033 607
e-mail: info@dacickehodum.cz


Lenka Mutlová, DiS

Receptionist, Lector
tel: 732 477 426
e-mail: objednavky@dacickehodum.cz


PhDr. Aleš Pospíšil

Specialist Guarantor of the Centre

To get more information or book a tour

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