20.10.2016 - 16.4.2017 How we care for Charles´ heritage: Architecture by the Emperor Charles IV in the 21st century

Architecture as a symbol

Architecture is, undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable symbols left behind by the period of Charles IV. First of all, let us name the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle or the Karlštejn castle. Nevertheless, this era of the Middle Ages was a significant also for the town of Kutná Hora itself because during this period the town´s ground-plot was formed and majority of its monuments were founded.

What points of interest you can see?

In the exhibition precincts of the Dačický House, you can see a panel presentation on evolution of the Kutná Hora ground-plot during the 14th century (the first graphic comprehensible presentation on this topic), but, above all, the current renovation of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle and the Karlštejn castle.

Also, we prepared two unique videos: one is devoted to manufacture and operation of a construction used in the 14th century while the second video shows the latest techniques used for advanced 3D documentation of architecture. In the glass-cases, you can see copies of fantasy macarons from the St. Vitus Cathedral.


This exhibition held by the Dačický House is a part of the nation-wide programme commemorating the anniversary of birth of the Emperor and King Charles IV. This exhibition, however, looks at this topic from a different point of view. It shows that it is just architecture that represents the most significant symbol of the personality of Charles IV. Above all, the exhibition shows how this architecture is renovated, documented and presented nowadays so that we can learn it better and give it over to the next generations in a good condition.

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