1. 3. 2016 – 18. 10. 2016 Kutná Hora has been a member of UNESCO world monument family for 20 years.

Radical restoration of the town

The inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 became a principal moment in the modern history of the Kutna Hora town. During the past twenty years, the most valuable monuments in Kutna Hora were restored so that the town has preserved its unique character and genius loci, thereby strengthening its positions among the most significant historic seats of Europe.

Points of interest you can see.

In the exhibition precincts of the Dacicky House you will see a panel presentation, which will first show you the pitiable state of the town in the 90es of the 20th century and afterwards the restoration of particular monuments, be that the St. Barbara Cathedral, the Sedlec Cathedral, burghers´ s houses or the so-called common areas of the town – streets, squares and parks.

You will have an opportunity to see a unique documentary film summarizing the ten years of restoring the external coating of the St. Barbara Cathedral as well as the 3D artefacts in the glass-cases.

The exhibition room of the Dacicky House with the exhibition “Kutna Hora a UNESCO monument for 20 years”.

The exhibition, which summarizes restoring the town during the past 20 years, not only aims to show the principal transformation of the town and the restoration techniques applied, but also reminds us of the efforts taken by a great number of top experts and enthusiasts, thereby making us realize why it is important to protect and restore historic monuments.

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